IMSA Search Global Partners Adds Sweden, Welcomes Petra Johnsson as IMSA Sweden Managing Partner

IMSA Search Global Partners (IMSA Search) is excited to announce its expansion into Sweden with the addition of executive search firm FXL/Findexecutives as IMSA Sweden. FXL Founder Petra Johnsson serves as IMSA Sweden Managing Partner.

Leaders Who Create Leaders

FXL/Findexecutives (FXL) is all about leadership. Founder Petra Johnsson and Partner Suzanne Falk each have over two decades of management experience in HR and executive search. With offices in Malmo and Stockholm, FXL works exclusively with senior executive search managers to identify and recruit candidates with proven track records. Johnsson explains, “Leaders who themselves create leaders help companies drive profitability and enhance sustainability over the long term.”

With a focus on leadership, FXL works in both the private business and public sectors. Service areas include executive search, assessment, and interim management solutions. Their client list is long and includes local, national, and international corporations, in industries ranging from building/construction and related fields to SAAS companies. They also work with several municipalities across the public sector.

Adding Value and Making a Difference

Johnsson and Falk take pride in adding value to the organizations they serve, while making a difference in candidates’ lives. Clients appreciate their honesty, integrity, and business acumen, knowing they bring top talent, who motivate people to move a business forward. With candidates, FXL emphasizes a two-way process, one that is about two parties who choose each other, which builds trust and relationships which last over time. According to Falk, “We view ourselves as partners for our clients as well as the candidates we present. They trust us to add value to their professional and personal brands.”

Leadership Void Fueling Need for Permanent and Interim Executives

As the world emerges from the Covid pandemic, companies are hiring again. At every level there is a shortage of qualified workers and competition for talent is intense. This includes senior managers, directors, and C-suite executives, which is driving increased demand for executive search services. Demand for interim executives is also increasing. FXL consults with clients to think out of the box and find new solutions.

Extensive Experience Identifying and Nurturing Top Talent

FXL has extensive experience matching leaders with companies. In addition to other tools, they have great success using Hogan Assessment tools. Another area of their work is leadership development; FXL works with clients to help leaders – current and new hires alike – develop the skills to lead in a changing environment. “For example, today’s leaders need a deep understanding of employees’ expectations, particularly around where they work,” says Johnsson.

Both Johnsson and Falk agree their focus on leadership is right for the times: “Today every company wants and needs great leaders. By recruiting and upskilling the leaders of today, we are helping to create the leaders of tomorrow. That’s changing the map and making a difference.”

IMSA Search and Expanding Global Network

FXL is delighted to represent IMSA Search Global Partners in Sweden. Sharing a strong commitment to delivering the best for its clients, and valuing honesty, integrity, and trust make the partnership a natural fit. “The ability to exchange business seamlessly across countries, with colleagues we know and respect means fast, high caliber service for our clients,” Johnsson asserts. Falk adds, “With access to IMSA’s global network and the extensive IMSA AI candidate database, we are better able to meet growing demand for top international executives.”

IMSA Search President Monika Ciesielska is excited about the Sweden expansion, recognizing the opportunities having representation in Sweden provides. “FXL’s values are aligned with IMSA values and they are already partnering with other IMSA offices around the world. Their focus on top executives will benefit our clients globally in their quest to fill gaps in high level leadership positions.”

IMSA Search is Optimistic

IMSA Search Global Partners is enthusiastic about the future and welcomes clients to partner with them. As entrepreneurs with an outlook focused on growth, IMSA Search has successfully assisted clients with their global and local senior talent needs for over 30 years. With 50+ offices in 25+ countries on 6 continents, their 300+ Executive Search experts span the globe to identify the right candidates to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, and globally.