Executive Search

Executive Search Process


Executive Search and Selection requires the application of rigorous methodology as well as a comprehensive approach accounting for and targeting factors as industry, competition, job function, management style, culture and future potential. IMSA differentiates by offering our Clients a “hands-on”, timely and cost-effective approach that emphasizes client communication and relationships, process management and quality control.

Step 1

Our consultants are personally involved every step of the search methodology including all sourcing and analysis.
We believe this approach enhances the advisory role of the consultant.

Step 2

Closely collaborating with our Client, we will develop a detailed brief including a comprehensive specification for the role and person required. This will serve as a guide in determining our approach to preferred Candidates on behalf of the project.

Step 3

We will develop and agree with the Client on a target list of organisations to investigate and potentially approach relevant Candidates.

Subsequently, our search across the markets will target and identify individuals with relevant experience and qualifications. As candidates with the desired qualities are usually not actively looking for a new position, a pro-active approach must be applied.
As part of our process, we meet directly with the preferred candidates to assess their experience, excite them about the new opportunity and the Client leading to a formal and controlled introduction.

Step 4

The qualified recruitment process is designed to deliver the best qualified candidates to compare and evaluate competitively against each other.

Step 5

At the latter stages of the recruitment process, we confirm the references provided by the Candidate on behalf of our Client. Our full level of service supports the final selection process.

Step 6

Our services go beyond the hiring the candidate. Maintaining contact with both the Client and the Candidate ensures that each party is satisfied with the partnering, but to also ensure the longer-term relationship wherever possible.