CROSSING THE GLOBE TO GATHER TOGETHER IMSA Search Global Partners Convenes In Person in Lisbon

December, 2022 – IMSA Search Global Partners (IMSA Search) recently convened in Lisbon, Portugal for a productive multi-day learning and brainstorming annual global meeting. It was their first in-person gathering since Covid. Senior leaders from IMSA Search’s 50 executive search and staffing offices around the world came together to share perspectives on a wide range of topics impacting industries and talent acquisition across the globe.

Traveling many hours at considerable cost to join the in-person conversations, IMSA Search senior executive search professionals agreed the value of meeting face-to-face was immeasurable.

According to Lin Therese Reese, Senior Executive at A’HEAD Executive and IMSA Norway, “IMSA Search has expanded significantly during Covid so many of us were meeting in-person for the first time. It was truly inspiring. Our global network is very powerful; it’s built on solid professional relationships, extensive industry knowledge, and very deep recruiting experience.”

To inspire other global organizations to reconvene in person in 2023 and beyond, IMSA Search shares the following key takeaways:

Trust Inspired – To collaborate successfully, we need strong relationships built on trust and shared values. Seeing each other in person enables stronger connections and reminds us we are better working together.

Diversity Welcomed – Our team hails from 25 countries on 6 continents. Working in different cultures, we bring different perspectives to our clients, with deep understanding of global, regional, and local talent needs.

Differences Appreciated – While we share values of trust, professionalism, and commitment to excellence, we don’t always agree. In-person is better than teleconference for building consensus from different points-of-view.

Efficiency Respected – With our team spread across the globe, and our considerable growth over the past few years, in-person allows new members to build relationships with everyone efficiently – no need to travel to individual cities.

Monika Ciesielska, President of IMSA Search Global Partners and Carpenter Consulting added, “When we come together, we are reminded of our overall respect for one another, and the true pleasure we get in working together to serve our clients across the globe. At IMSA, we are more than partners. We are a global team.”

About IMSA Search Global Partners: With 50+ offices in 25+ countries on 6 continents, our 300+ Executive Search experts span the globe to identify the right candidates to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, and globally.