For C-Suite Hires, Early Coaching is Essential

For today’s global CEOs and C-Suite leaders, the business world is filled with post-pandemic demands, challenges, and opportunities. From global economic pressure and geopolitical instability to increased workforce demands in the dynamic hybrid workplace, the landscape is incredibly complex.


CEOs are expected to articulate company purpose, address employee mental health and wellbeing, and strategically focus on environmental, societal, governmental (ESG) issues while tending to business and driving growth. And in this tech-enabled world – with cloud technologies, 5G access, and AI, all C-Suite leaders are expected to be informed, connected, and accessible 24/7. In this context, today’s C-Suite hires face an accelerated on-ramp and must acclimate quickly, effectively, and efficiently.


Power of Coaching the Boss

So what does onboarding a C-Suite leader look like today? According to Ivan Venegas, Managing Partner of IMSA Search Global Partners Chile and Founder of JobLine, “Coaching new hires, especially the most senior executive leadership, is essential to a smooth transition. Over my 21 years of executive search, of the 650+ senior executives and directors I have placed, 96% have been successful. We believe that the key to success is early stage executive coaching and we include it in all our executive search work.


The Value of the Coach

Several years ago, IMSA Chile/Jobline introduced comprehensive coaching modules for newly selected C-level candidates. Drawing on established assessment methodologies and extensive experience, the plan includes several coaching sessions, both before and after the new C-leader steps into their new role. There are 6 biweekly coaching sessions of 90 minutes each. Two sessions before entering and four sessions when the executive is already onboard. The foundation of this coaching service is that while an executive may have been very successful in the past, each organization is unique. The first 90 days are key to success.


Sessions explore topics such as “How to Listen Objectively to Differing Perspectives,” “How to Earn Trust Quickly,” and “How to Deliver Immediate Value to Your Team.” C-Suite clients report they feel supported and empowered, as though they have a trusted advisor, a business confidant through the onboarding process. And this means they can focus their energy on planning, strategizing, listening, learning, and developing their leadership teams.


The Right Leadership Team

Ivan Venegas adds, “C-Suite leaders always needed to be authentic, fair, and clear communicators. Today, they also need to be able to lead through increasingly profound and unpredictable scenarios of change, to be innovative and resilient. To do this, they need the best team, a team that compliments them but does not mirror their strengths. During the first 90 days, having a coach as a sounding board as they get acquainted with their teams, assess gaps, and add senior talent, can be very helpful.”


As Tim Cook, CEO of Apple said, “If you’re a CEO, the most important thing … is to pick people around you that aren’t like you, that complement you.”


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