IMSA Search Global Partners Welcomes New IMSA France Managing Partner Thierry Baux and His B-Ressource Team

IMSA Search Global Partners (IMSA Search) is pleased to welcome Thierry Baux and his team of executive search experts at B-Ressource to the IMSA family. B-Ressource CEO Thierry Baux serves as IMSA France Managing Partner.

15+ Years, 2600+ Assessments, 900+ Successful Placements

B-Ressource has an excellent track record for clients and candidates alike. Founded in 2007 by CEO Thierry Baux following his decades-long career as a C-Level manager in aviation, the firm prides itself on its primary mission: To support business leaders in creating the organization and the people necessary to achieve their goals. This small team of experienced search executives guarantees high quality service, involving B-Ressource senior management at every stage of recruitment.

Each search is unique and predicated on an objective presentation of the position and the company in order to maximize success. Thierry emphasizes, “We do an in-depth analysis of a company’s DNA to define the search, evaluating and adjusting as needs are more narrowly defined.” With broad-ranging industry expertise, B-Ressource specializes in: Airline and Tourism, Automotive, Banking and Insurance, Building and Construction, E-Commerce, Healthcare and Paramedics, Oil and Gas, and Manufacturing and Operations.

Beyond Hard Skills, Personality is Key to Success

Thierry and his team share the conviction that without the right human elements, achieving goals will remain elusive. B-Ressource digs beneath the surface, to understand corporate governance, project possible reasons for personnel turnover, and then identify the personality traits that are most likely to mesh with a company’s culture and customs, ensuring a better chance of success for the candidate and the company.

Recruitment includes rigorous personality assessment of candidates selected for final interview. Candidates are encouraged to engage with potential employers about their results to build a more complete picture of needs and fit on both sides. Clients come to B-Ressource with an understanding of the importance of personality assessment that goes beyond the diploma or sector or professional experience in the profile. By going deeper, the process results in the best possible match of values, culture, and fit.

Trusted Partners, Long Term Relationships

Clients view B-Ressource as adaptable, pragmatic, responsive, loyal, and effective. As trusted partners building deep relationships, they are growth accelerators, working with clients through territorial expansion in France and abroad, as well as helping them expand their leadership as needed.

With candidates, they are advisors, and career builders, having deep and personal conversations about ambition, what drives individuals on their path, personal and professional values, short and long term career goals. Thierry explains, “We gain a deeper understanding which helps clients and candidates. Both are seeking success – the client wants a leader that can drive growth, and the candidate wants to build a successful career. Matching soft skills with the requirements of a position is key to success for both sides of any placement.”

Why IMSA Search

As IMSA France Managing Partner, Thierry appreciates the expanded international search capabilities: “Our clients have access to world coverage as well as the deep local knowledge IMSA Search partners provide. We have trusted partners, local and regional experts who share values, methodologies, and the commitment to client satisfaction.” IMSA Search President Monika Ciesielska concurs: “Working together we enable our multi-national clients to reach their strategic and operational targets worldwide. IMSA France is vital to our European business and we are delighted to have Thierry and his team join us.”

IMSA Search is Optimistic

IMSA Search Global Partners is enthusiastic about the future and welcomes clients to partner with them. As entrepreneurs with an outlook focused on growth, IMSA Search has successfully assisted clients with their global and local senior talent needs for over 30 years. With 50+ offices in 25+ countries on 6 continents, their 300+ Executive Search experts span the globe to identify the right candidates to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, and globally.