IMSA Search Global Partners Expands into Lithuania, Welcoming Irma Simonkevičienė and Jūratė Kubilienė as IMSA Lithuania Managing Partners

IMSA Search Global Partners (IMSA Search) is pleased to announce its expansion into Lithuania with the addition of Jūratė Kubilienė and Irma Simonkevičienė as IMSA Lithuania Managing Partners. Jūratė Kubilienė and Irma Simonkevičienė are also Managing Partners of Simple Search.

A New Approach – The Digital Culture Office

When Jūratė Kubilienė and Irma Simonkevičienė established their firm, they shared a simple vision: Provide the highest quality search services, adapting executive search to new flexible and hybrid business models, helping companies across industries function more efficiently in the digital world – the digital culture office. Combining nearly two decades of international executive search experience, an expansive network of senior executives, Business Coach certification, and a stellar reputation in the Lithuanian business community, Kubilienė and Simonkevičienė founded Simple Search.

Over-Delivery with a ‘Less is More’ Attitude

Previously, Kubilienė served as Head of HR for an international company and Simonkevičienė as a leader in talent, executive audits, and recruitment consulting. Having worked together for 15 years in international executive search, they were excited to build a new business that offers the highest level of service and professionalism. “We always give more than our clients expect, yet it is grounded in simplicity,” states Kubilienė.

Paperless operations, eliminating excess meetings, and streamlining processes has led to great success. By reviewing processes and eliminating elements that do not provide value for the client, Simple Search delivers more with less. Simonkevičienė explains, “Our clients acknowledge our lack of bureaucracy and appreciate the speed of our work. For example, we recently completed a search assignment for a large company four times faster than we would have been able to using more traditional search methodology.”

Deep Expertise, Wide Range of Industries, International Reach

Simple Search brings to the IMSA Search network their deep expertise in executive search, executive recruitment, and leadership competency assessment. Their industry sector focus includes: Engineering, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), Financial and Professional Services, Logistics and Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Renewables, Retail, and Wholesale.

Both IMSA Lithuania Managing Partners agree their reach will be greatly expanded as part of an international executive search community: “IMSA Search covers markets of direct interest to our clients. We are excited to partner with IMSA Search offices around the world, opening up new opportunities and enhancing access to global markets and top international talent.”

Focus on Client Relationships – Highest Level of Business Ethics

IMSA Lithuania emphasizes the importance of trust in client relationships. “Honesty and respect are our most cherished values. We are knowledgeable, straight-forward, and candid; our clients trust us and expect nothing less than excellence,” says Kubilienė. “Our clients rely on us to understand their industry and their business. They share their confidential business plans with us so we can help them attract the right talent to lead their organizations and accomplish their goals,” Simonkevičienė adds.

Growth in Lithuania

IMSA Search President Monika Ciesielska is excited to expand into Lithuania with the addition of Irma Simonkevičienė and Jūratė Kubilienė as IMSA Lithuania Managing Partners: “Lithuania is #1 in the EU for GDP growth per capita since 2000, # 5 globally for digital skills, and welcomes innovation. The addition of Irma and Jūratė as IMSA Search Lithuania will enable us to address this market, better serve our global clients, and continue to expand our local market expertise.”

IMSA Search is Optimistic

IMSA Search Global Partners is enthusiastic about the future and welcomes clients to partner with them. As entrepreneurs with an outlook focused on growth, IMSA Search has successfully assisted clients with their global and local senior talent needs for over 30 years. With 50+ offices in 25+ countries on 6 continents, their 300+ Executive Search experts span the globe to identify the right candidates with the abilities and fit to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, globally.