IMSA Spring meeting in Italy: bold ideas and new directions of growth

IMSA Search members met again to share the best executive search practices and embrace the challenges coming from the rapidly changing market.

This year’s spring meeting took place in Italy, at the beautiful Garda Lake, March 27 – 29, 2019. “Amazing people, unique atmosphere, tasty food and wine and a great weather – it was a perfect combination. Having this splendid environment for working together, we shared thoughts and ideas which will certainly enrich our organization,” said Monika Ciesielska, President of the IMSA Search Global Partners.

Discovering the new frontier: spring meeting panels and discussions

Knowledge sharing is one of the cornerstones of founding the idea of the global partners network. Marianna Carbonari (IMSA Italy) introduced the rules and best practices of business exchange between IMSA Members. Her summary was a result of deep dialog, ensuring the project’s exchange process was clear and understandable.

Jan Novacek presented the draft on creating the Sourcing Group – an internal group associating the Researchers cooperating with IMSA Search Partners. The group’s aim was to create the platform for knowledge exchange on sourcing and researching C-level candidates.

The lecture about synergy between the executive search and leadership development was presented by Felice Valente, Head of Resourcing, Learning, and Leadership Development at Vodafone, the telecommunication company.

IMSA Search members shared a touching moment during the meeting

Members had a lovely time socializing and becoming acquainted on a deeper level. Also, during the meeting, Wolfgang Kasper (IMSA Germany) announced his decision to step down from his CEO role after retiring. “It was a challenging and fruitful journey within the IMSA Search. I would like to thank you all for the trust and cooperation over these past 10 years,” Kasper added.

Wolfgang was part of the network for more than a decade. He devoted his time to create and establish IMSA Search as a reliable and recognizable brand on the global market. He will be remembered as a creator of many projects and solutions, which will be immensely beneficial for the next generation of IMSA Search members. The IMSA Search board will announce its next CFO in the following weeks.

IMSA Search Global Partners Spring meeting in Italy.
Garda Lake, March 27 – 29, 2019.