ConstructionThe construction industry has a cyclical economy, with its performance being strictly related to local economies and to public policies, both influencing and being influenced by them concurrently. In addition, projects can result in the movement of large populations of workers to emerging countries. It is thus a major employer – in Europe it is the biggest employer, with around 45 million workers depending on the construction sector and satellite industries.

The construction sector is continually fed with new ideas from both culture and technology: it must now be focused on the most relevant global environmental issues and face these on-going challenges in response to functional, social and political needs.

Segments of activity and production include residential and non-residential, new build or refurbishment, and public procurement across emerging countries, new luxury and mass tourist destinations, ever larger hospitals and business centres attracting significant transnational investments and projects.

The best talent is required, both in technical and management positions: professionals and managers must be able to act in a global market with cultural sensitivity for local peculiarities, and they thus frequently possess cross-cultural profiles. The industry utilises strong technical abilities and expertise, and also a wide range of other competencies, such as those related to Relationship Management and Social Awareness.

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