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Healthcare Practice

As the IMSA Life Sciences & Healthcare Practice, we share your passion for success and professionalism. We work seamlessly across our global group to deliver outstanding, consistent value on each assignment. The practice is configured to meet a broad spectrum of demands in the industry – across all industry sectors including equity owned companies and early stage life science companies.

By contrast with the economy, the life sciences industry is still recording marked productivity growth even in the current recession, making it a crucial linchpin of the economy. However, like other sectors this industry has undergone radical changes over the last few years and has major challenges to overcome, both today and in the future. As globalization continues, competition in this market is becoming more and more intense, with firms having to simultaneously deal with both a worldwide tightening in regulatory requirements for drug approvals and ever-increasing cost pressures.

The healthcare sector and healthcare policy are also under pressure, with continuing high demand for the development and efficient implementation of intelligent and sustainable solutions in the face of constantly rising healthcare costs. At the same time, the sector is seeing an increase in chronic diseases and an ageing population – and all this without neglecting concrete patient benefits and the quality of medical care within the population.

This intensely competitive environment requires managers and specialists with in-depth expertise, strong decision-making and leadership skills, and a feel for intercultural relations. Our goal is to find these individuals and to get them working for your business, actively helping you to secure your competitive edge in your market. The success of IMSA springs from its wealth of experience gained within the life sciences and consulting industries, our specialist knowledge and our international network.

IMSA offers expert advice and efficient solutions in virtually all areas of the life sciences industry including pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, diagnostics, generics, healthcare services, healthcare informatics, OTC, hospitals and cosmetics.

Specialized Expertise

  • Bio Pharma
  • Healthcare Services
  • MedicalTechnology

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