Mitchell Berger, IMSA USA, Joins Board to Further Strengthen Presence in North and Latin America

IMSA Search Global Partners (IMSA SEARCH) is excited to announce that Mitchell Berger (IMSA USA) has been named to the IMSA SEARCH Board and appointed Regional Director for North and Latin America. In his new role, Mitch will concentrate on further building IMSA SEARCH presence in these vital regions where his professional leadership is already well-established.  

An Icon in Search

Mitch brings with him extensive executive search experience. He is also CEO of Howard-Sloan Search, a firm that he has been instrumental in growing over the past three decades. Under his direction and guidance, the Howard-Sloan family of companies has increased tenfold through organic growth and acquisition. Howard-Sloan works with Fortune 500 public and privately held companies, prominent law firms, and companies listed on Fortune’s Best Places to Work to identify and secure their top talent. His expanded IMSA SEARCH role will help ensure that IMSA SEARCH continues to offer international clients the highest quality partnership in these key geographies.

Trust and Integrity is Key

Mitch prides himself on unparalleled service and longstanding client relationships built on trust. It’s in his DNA. His father Stephen H. Berger was one of the creators of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants, the global organization that established the industry ethics code to promote the highest level of professionalism. Mitch remains steadfast in his commitment to uphold these original ideals. 

Understanding Current and Post-Pandemic Leadership Needs

According to IMSA SEARCH President, Monika Ciesielska, “Mitch’s deep knowledge of executive search and his enthusiasm for IMSA SEARCH unique role in today’s global economy make him an ideal Board Member. During this unprecedented time, living through a global coronavirus pandemic, organizations have already begun to recognize the critical role of strong leadership. Leaders who lead with purpose, think outside-the-box, and inspire their people will stand out. Mitch will be a key player in helping clients in these regions identify talent that embraces the new reality, sets realistic expectations, and motivates their team to achieve goals.” 

Teamwork Approach

Mitch Berger believes in teamwork. In fact, it is what attracted him to take a bigger role at IMSA SEARCH. “I feel honored to serve as IMSA SEARCH Regional Director at a moment in time where international perspective has never been more important. Our team is strengthened when we work together, across borders, across cultures, welcoming our diversity and learning from one another. For our clients, this means we can identify the right leader who is uniquely suited to building the right team, wherever they may be located.”

IMSA SEARCH is Optimistic 

IMSA Search Global Partners is optimistic about the future and welcomes clients to partner with them. As entrepreneurs with an outlook focused on opportunity, IMSA SEARCH has been helping clients with their global and local senior talent needs for over 30 years. With 40+ offices in 20+ countries on 5 continents, their 220 executive search experts span the globe to identify the best candidates with the abilities and fit to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, globally.