IMSA welcomes new member from Belgium

IMSA International Executive Search, a global recruitment company, combining local country expertise for international Clients, has launched its operations in Belgium. New Belgian member – Atlantae Executive Search, was welcomed during IMSA’s spring convention held in Berlin, at the end of May 2016.

“For over 15 years, clients have trusted Atlantae Executive Search, to recruit true high potentials and sign up with top engineers and managerial leaders. Atlantae’s partnership with their clients is based on applying proven talent strategies and developing the new hires to accelerate and sustain the organizational success” Patrick Van Lijsebetten, the CEO of the company explains.

Joining this network will not only bring value to our clients since we can support them in international executive search assignments with the help of our partner network, but will also bring value to all IMSA partners in sharing knowledge about the recruitment processes in different countries and different cultures in general.

“Atlantae’s mission is to ensure the right leaders are put in place to drive the greatest business impact for its clients” Patrick adds.

The domains of expertise for the company are: Engineering, Life Sciences, Industrial, Technology, Logistics, Commercial and Corporate Management.

To gain more information on IMSA Belgium, please go to GLOBAL OFFICES