IMSA Search Global Partners Selects Hogan as Preferred Assessment Tool

Following an in-depth evaluation of psychometric assessment platforms, IMSA Search Global Partners is pleased to announce its selection of Hogan Assessment Systems as its preferred assessment provider. IMSA Search consultants will now be able to offer valuable personality insights to clients across the globe.

Hogan Assessments Predict Workplace Performance for Better Results

Founded in 1987 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, by Drs. Robert and Joyce Hogan, Hogan Assessment Systems is a worldwide leader in personality assessment, with products and services in 50-plus countries.

Hogan’s unique psychometrics provide hiring managers with in-depth understanding of a candidate’s future job performance, including everyday strengths and weaknesses, performance risks, and alignment with organizational culture. The Hogan assessments stand out from other personality assessments for their validity and reliability and their ability to identify candidates’ strengths and weaknesses without discriminating against any person in terms of race, gender, appearance, religion, beliefs, etc.

Grounded in more than 40 years’ worth of original research, the Hogan assessments measure the assessment taker’s responses to an extensive battery of questions to generate scores on a variety of scales. The person’s scores are compared to personality data from thousands of other people who have taken the assessments to determine how that person will likely behave in the workplace. The result is a nuanced insight into the assessment taker’s personality and behavioral style.

With inventories and reports available in more than 40 languages, candidates can complete the assessments in their native languages, eliminating translation issues and enhancing the veracity of results.

“Hogan is reliable, data driven, and scientific,” said Monika Ciesielska, Managing Partner of IMSA Poland and President of IMSA Search Global Partners. “It takes our assessments to a much deeper level, increasing confidence in the search process and resulting in greater success for our clients.”

The Hogan assessments include three personality assessments and two cognitive tests:

Hogan Personality Inventory – describes normal or bright-side personality, which is how we relate to others when at our best; assesses how people work, lead, and their likelihood of success

Hogan Development Survey – describes the dark side of personality, or the behavioral tendencies that emerge during times of stress or pressure, which can disrupt relationships, damage reputations, and derail success; recognizes performance risks so individuals can learn to mitigate problems before they arise

Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory – describes internal motivators that affect personality, such as core goals and values, drivers and interests that determine what we strive to attain; enables better match of candidates with positions, work environments, and job responsibilities

Judgment – combines bright- and dark-side personality with cognitive ability and values to evaluate the assessment taker’s decision-making approach and openness to feedback; assesses willingness to acknowledge, correct, and learn from experience

Hogan Business Reasoning Inventory – describes the ability to evaluate data, make decisions, solve problems, and avoid repeating mistakes; predicts problem-solving style and capacity for development and improvement

Hogan Provides Foundation for IMSA Search Assessment Center of Excellence

Stig-Rune Reese, Managing Partner of IMSA Norway, Head of IMSA Search Assessment Center of Excellence, and certified user of numerous leadership assessment tools, is an expert in Hogan Assessments and a certified Hogan trainer himself. Reese endorses IMSA Search’s move to adopt Hogan as its preferred assessment provider, in large part because of Hogan’s ability to examine not only a leader’s strengths, but also the dark side of executive personalities: “It is critical to ascertain the negative as well as the positive traits in candidates. For example, narcissism and hypocrisy are common in high-level executives. These can disrupt relationships and derail success. Knowing about a person’s tendencies toward these in advance can help mitigate future workplace issues before they arise.” Reese also emphasized that the Hogan assessments can help to eliminate bias from the hiring process.

Hogan’s assessments are proven, data-driven tools for personality assessment. Through the IMSA Search Assessment Center for Excellence, IMSA Search consultants incorporate Hogan results into their global searches, helping clients around the globe build resilient and forward-thinking leadership teams. Committed to excellence, IMSA Search Global Partners continues to bring the best in executive search, delivering leaders that fuel growth and drive success.