IMSA Search Global Partners Expands into Portugal with ARGO Partners

IMSA SEARCH Global Partners (IMSA Search) continues its robust growth, affiliating with ARGO Partners in Portugal. This addition of the ARGO team will further strengthen IMSA Search’s presence in the SEMEA region.

The Executive Search Quest

Founded as Jason Associates in 2004, ARGO Partners likens executive search to the mythic quest of Jason and his heroic crew that roamed the seas of ancient Greece on their ship Argo. They sought the golden fleece, a sacred treasure that would bring prosperity to all who came into contact with it. For the team at ARGO Partners, fulfilling their quest means pushing beyond a candidate’s experience and fit, matching top talent with companies where leaders can have the greatest impact. Their designation as IMSA Portugal strengthens their ability to succeed. ARGO Partner and IMSA Portugal Managing Partner Pedro Hipólito says, “Joining IMSA Search connects us across the globe with executive search professionals who, like us, are committed to the highest level of excellence, locating the right executives and delivering success for clients and candidates alike.”

Finding Problem Solvers for Our Changing World

ARGO Partners is comprised of: ARGO Talents, providing executive search services including top management profiles, leadership assessment, market intelligence and succession planning; and ARGO Fit, specializing in high tech expertise and next-gen leadership.

“In both divisions we search for highly capable and experienced leaders, of course. Yet, the pandemic has heightened our focus on problem solving, and as such we seek people who can demonstrate they are agile thinkers, able to solve complex problems in our changing world,” says Pedro Hipólito. He adds, “Many of our clients are experiencing rapid growth and need our expertise identifying the right next-gen leaders for their organizations.”

Corporate Happiness Formula®

IMSA Portugal asks each and every candidate, ‘What makes your eyes shine?’ Susana Leitão, ARGO Managing Partner and IMSA Portugal Managing Partner, emphasizes with a smile, that this is not the same as asking, ‘What do you want most in life?’ “It’s about identifying the key drivers of a candidate’s passion. Our Corporate Happiness Formula® is role plus context equals a sense of purpose. Integrating this passion into what we do is something that must be eagerly pursued, cultivated daily, and shared with those who matter! And when we approach our responsibilities with this energy, we immediately see stellar results.” she says.

Motivated by an Ethical Mindset

Above all, their client relationships are based on mutual trust and a shared sense of ethics. Clients describe them not only as market experts and search strategists, but also as straight-forward and highly ethical. Since 2017, the team boasts impressive results with well-known global clients including: Aon, Brisa, CGD, CUF Saúde, Farfetch, Fidelidade, Galp, IKEA, Natixis, Nhood, Novartis, and many more.

Leading Authority on Technology Sector in the SEMEA Region

IMSA Portugal sees the Information Technology sector as the primary source of employment growth in their region driven by the launch of new digital and innovation hubs and digital transformation projects. They anticipate this digital explosion will fuel the need for reskilling as well as for thinking more globally about the talent market. 

Recognized as experts on high tech and next-gen leadership, IMSA Portugal team members appear regularly in the media. Joana Carvalho, one of ARGO’s Partners, speaks weekly on television about career management.  All of ARGO’s partners host episodes of ARGO Talks, a podcast featuring high-profile industry leaders discussing careers and leadership talents. According to IMSA Search President Monika Ciesielska,We are very excited about this collaboration. The IMSA Portugal team is well-positioned to address our expanding global client needs.”

IMSA Search is Optimistic

IMSA Search Global Partners is enthusiastic about the future and welcomes clients to partner with them. As entrepreneurs with an outlook focused on opportunity, IMSA Search has successfully assisted clients with their global and local senior talent needs for over 30 years. With 50+ offices in 20+ countries on 5 continents, their 220 Executive Search experts span the globe to identify the right candidates with the abilities and fit to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, globally.