IMSA Search Global Partners Continues Expansion, Welcomes Hervé Gentile and Alchemy Search as IMSA France

IMSA Search Global Partners (IMSA Search) continues its expansion, welcoming Alchemy Search as IMSA France, and naming Alchemy Search President Hervé Gentile as IMSA France Managing Partner.

Extensive Operational Experience and Industry Expertise

Established by executives with decades of operational experience across a wide range of industries, Alchemy Search was established to put this experience to work providing efficient and effective executive search services to local, regional, and multi-national corporations. Located in the center of Paris, the firm also offers companies custom-made, high value consulting in strategy and change management. Alchemy consultants specialize in the following sectors: automotive, energy, industry, construction supply, distribution, sales and marketing, engineering, general management, and finance.

Partnership Approach, Putting People First

Alchemy Search always puts people first. Founded 8 years ago on this core value, the firm works hard to protect the interests of all parties involved throughout the talent search process. Clients as well as candidates are considered business partners; identifying and then addressing the needs of both is the roadmap to success. According to Hervé Gentile, Alchemy President and Managing Partner of IMSA France, “For us, a successful search is when clients and their recently hired leaders share satisfaction and growth. We are happy only when both are happy.”

Deep Understanding Leads to Better Solutions

For IMSA France, understanding a client’s culture, business model, and strategies is the foundation of every project. Asking the right questions and digging deeply into key issues allows them to define skillsets and personalities that leaders in specific positions will need to succeed. Because no two searches are alike, IMSA France creates tailor-made solutions for each project. They understand their clients and represent them well, attracting top talent in the global marketplace.

Relationships Built on Integrity, Reliability, and Loyalty

When speaking about IMSA France and the field of executive search, Hervé Gentile focuses on the importance of integrity, confidentiality, and transparency. “Our clients know they can trust us; they value our confidentiality and the transparency of our working relationship.” Candidates value the same, with Hervé Gentile crediting their ability to attract top talent to this reputation: “Our credibility translates into trust. Candidates know they can rely on us; they trust what we say about our clients and professional opportunities.” The firm sees repeat business from clients, as well as ongoing outreach from talent as validation of success. “Loyalty is a good indicator of their satisfaction,” Hervé Gentile adds.

Expanding Global Footprint

IMSA Search President, Monika Ciesielska is excited at this latest expansion of IMSA Search’s global footprint. “As companies continue to look worldwide to fill their executive talent needs post-pandemic, IMSA France offers our global customers excellent representation in the important French market. We’re delighted to welcome Hervé and his team of outstanding professionals to the IMSA family.”

IMSA Search is Optimistic

IMSA Search Global Partners is enthusiastic about the future and welcomes clients to partner with them. As entrepreneurs with an outlook focused on opportunity, IMSA Search has successfully assisted clients with their global and local senior talent needs for over 30 years. With 50+ offices in 25+ countries on 5 continents, their 220+ Executive Search experts span the globe to identify the right candidates with the abilities and fit to successfully lead teams and organizations locally, regionally, globally.