IMSA Search featured in Global40, a list of the world’s leading executive search companies

For the second year in a row, we are proud to be named one of the top global senior-level executive search companies. Hunt Scanlon has published Global40, the most prestigious ranking of the top talent providers.

“We are very proud and happy. Being listed for the second time is a solid validation for our strategy and the passion we put in each assignment. Over the last year, we continued to grow thanks to the integration process of our members. We created efficient channels of communication and put a lot of efforts in implementing innovations. At the same time we tried to identify the possible storms. Even though the incoming months will be challenging for the world’s economy, we remain optimistic and believe in the strength and energy of our team,” said Monika Ciesielska, President of the IMSA Search Global Partners.

Global40 – a reason for the industry

Hunt Scanlon Media is the most important and most widely referenced, single source for information in the executive search and human talents sector. Global40 ranking created and published by this news network is a short but exhaustive list of providers that now dominate the search business worldwide. Being featured in Global40 is a top goal and the moment of truth for executive search companies all around the world.

IMSA Search Global Partners has the honour to be listed on Global40 for the second time: “IMSA Search Global Partners has again been named to our prestigious club, among the companies we consider the leading global executive search firms with the best reputation, reach and that maintain the most respected firm cultures,” said the representatives of Hunt Scanlon.

IMSA Search – a worldwide network of professionals

What is the key to IMSA Search success? As Monika Ciesielska explained last year, the crucial factor was changing the perspective from being an association to being a company:“We acted like an association back then. We had great meetings twice a year, and we exchanged emails a few times a month, but that was all. Then it hit us. Being an association was not enough. We needed to become a company, even if our offices are spread all over five continents,” said Monika Ciesielska.

IMSA Search partners have continued this approach. In 2019 the IMSA Search focused on deeper integration and building sustainable channels of communication. Today IMSA Search Global Partners counts 49 offices and 213 consultants operating worldwide. The company’s mission is to identify the best C-level professionals on local and global markets and to enable the Clients to reach their strategic and operational targets. Despite the challenges, like the pressure of digitalisation or even Covid-19, IMSA Search are dedicated to fulfilling their goals.