IMSA Search expands its operations to the USA

Howard-Sloan Search, led by its CEO Mitchell Berger, will represent IMSA Search in the USA. The IMSA network now covers all the major US cities and industry areas.

In the rapidly changing world, those who do not look forward, will be left behind. IMSA Search Global Partners is already operating from 47 offices in 22 countries, located on five continents, but we are constantly searching for new opportunities to expand our network. As a result of our actions, with great pleasure, we are introducing a new member of IMSA Search Global Partners. Howard-Sloan Search led by Chief Executive Officer, Mitchell Berger, will represent IMSA Search in the USA.

“Howard-Sloan Search will become a key player in our Americas expansion strategy. US companies continue expanding in Latin America and often struggle to find the right talent and understand local issues. This partnership will allow us to combine local and regional expertise, so that we can achieve our ultimate goal: to serve more clients, better and faster,” said Lizette Ibarra, IMSA Search Board Member from Mexico.

Introducing IMSA in the USA

Howard-Sloan Search was founded in 1957. From the very beginning, the team was dedicated to recruiting the right people – effectively and efficiently. Full commitment to meeting the needs of their clients and their unique expert knowledge resulted in a premier executive search firm with clients worldwide and offices in New York, Chicago and California.

The foundation of Howard-Sloan is a strong team of experienced search consultants, well known for their abilities to develop and nurture extraordinary relationships with clients and candidates, industry knowledge, and a sophisticated proprietary database.

Mitchell Berger / IMSA USA

Mitchell Berger is Chief Executive Officer of Howard-Sloan Search. He joined the company in 1983 and assumed leadership in 1991. Under Mitch’s guidance, the organization has grown to become one of the leading global search firms. Currently, the company can be proud of a 98% success rate and 97% client retention rate.

“We are very proud to be a member of IMSA Search Global Partners. Howard-Sloan’s expectations related to IMSA are to partner with high-quality search companies from all over the world and experience shared learning of the best practices. Our goal is to double the size of our company over the next 2 years.” said Mitch Berger, IMSA USA.

“Howard-Sloan CEO, Mitch Berger is the second generation running the company and understands very well what it takes to enter the next level. Additionally, they have offices in key locations: New York, Chicago and California and their team is just amazing!” commented Lizette Ibarra, IMSA Mexico.

“Howard-Sloan Search covers a broad range of industries nationwide and still maintains its boutique approach. This is truly unique in the US Executive Search Industry and brings unparalleled value for our members and customers worldwide.” pointed out Lizette Ibarra, IMSA Mexico.

Mitch Berger maintains a commitment to coaching people and maintaining professionalism. The areas of Howard-Sloan Search expertise are advertising, compliance, digital media, fashion, financial services, human resources, legal, life sciences, marketing, non-profit, publishing, real estate and technology.

The new member, with offices in New York, Chicago and California will help the Group to cover the whole US territory with top-class professional executive search service. The expansion is the next step in IMSA Search strategy and allows IMSA members to provide clients with excellent services both at the local and global level.