IMSA is covering France with its new partner from Paris

IMSA International Executive Search, a global recruitment company, combining local country expertise for international Clients, has launched its operations in France. New French member – Mindfield Search & Consulting, was welcomed during IMSA’s spring convention held in Berlin, at the end of May 2016.

“Mindfield Search & Consulting has built over the past 10 years long term collaboration with its Clients, managing missions for Top and Upper Middle management and Niche Engineering positions”, explains Jean-François Darmagnac, Mindfield Search & Consulting Chairman.

“The qualitative methodology, the strict respect of candidates, jointly with the experience both from the Consultants team and the Search Officers have given Mindfield Search & Consulting a strong position on the French market not only in the main towns but also in the regions, with an extensive knowledge of local labor practices.

Joining IMSA means being able to develop further our partnerships with our clients by providing them with local executive search solutions and consulting when they have recruitment issues abroad. It also means sharing in terms of practices, values and eventually Clients”

The domains of expertise of the Company are: Manufacturing, IT & New Technologies, Engineering, Life-science, Services, FMCG.

To gain more information on IMSA France, visit: GLOBAL OFFICES