Digital Transformation challenges discussed during the IMSA Search Fall Meeting

IMSA Search Members met in Zurich, Switzerland, to discuss best Executive Search practices, share knowledge and explore new innovative and effective ways to serve customers.

“When unique experts from five continents meet together to work on global issues, no problem is too complicated or difficult. The energy of our network is unstoppable” says Monika Ciesielska, President of IMSA Search Global Partners.

Kenya and Brazil – new members, growing economies

IMSA Search Fall meeting took place from the 2nd – 4th October in Zurich. This year’s conference started with a presentation given by two new members. Vanessa Strong, IMSA Kenya and Felipe Lara, IMSA Brazil, shared information on their companies, the economy and best recruitment practices within their countries.  A thorough discussion on the situation within their local markets ensued thereafter. IMSA Search members shared their knowledge on best-selling tips, efficient marketing tools, business prospects and opportunities.

“Meeting other IMSA members face to face was invaluable and gave us all a chance to get to know each other well, which one can’t really do over the internet. It was all beautifully organized and, true to Swiss tradition – every event was dead on time!” said Vanessa Strong IMSA Kenya.

Fall meeting vital topic to discuss: Digital Transformation

IMSA Search Global Partners are interested in changes, chances and challenges that digital transformation evokes in the lives of top management and their companies. The outcome of this attentive was the survey “Digital transformation: Executive Search under pressure” published on the IMSA Search website. In Zurich, IMSA Search members had a chance to discuss important issues connected with digital transformation and think about implementing new technological adjustments to the network.

During the IMSA Fall meeting, members participated in a workshop conducted by Roman Rackwitz and Serge von Senger, IMSA Switzerland. Members discussed the opportunities and threats of digital transformation. The outcome of the event produced innovative ideas to be used in the future activities of IMSA Search, which shows the collaborative creative power standing between experts.

The power of the dialog. IMSA Search Fall meeting conclusions

The dialogue and close cooperation between our members are the cornerstones of IMSA Search Network.

“I believe in ‘Quid Pro Quo’. If you give something, you get something in return. IMSA Search is living proof of that rule. Our meeting in Zurich was an ideal ground to put our minds together, resulting in mutual business opportunities between members” said Patrick Van Lijsebetten, IMSA Belgium. To expand the possibility of international cooperation between members, IMSA Search members created a list of good practices to be used in the application of international tenders, which will be beneficial to IMSA Search clients.

Each IMSA Search meeting is not only a chance to brainstorm and build relations with other executive search experts, but also to listen to inspiring guest speakers. This year IMSA Search members had the pleasure of hearing Carsten Sudhoff, Founder at, who gave a lecture about “Evolving the skillset in 2020 and beyond”.

The next IMSA Search meeting will take place in spring 2020 in Vienna.