2018 Spring Conference in Vienna, Austria

IMSA International Executive Search, a leading Executive Search network with offices present on 5 continents around the world, has held its first meeting of 2018 in Vienna, Austria. The meeting took place between 11th and 13th of April.

The conference gathered representatives of almost all member companies. Delegates from 20 countries assembled to talk about changes currently taking place in the job market. Another leading topic of the meeting was changes inside IMSA with the following areas of focus:

  • strengthening the relations inside the network,
  • improving knowledge and business exchange.
  • continuously building the IMSA Executive Search brand,
  • summary of past activities and further development of Practice Groups (with special attention towards Healthcare & Life Sciences and Financial & Professional Services practice groups)

“It was amazing to see the creative power and enthusiasm of IMSA members from all over the world when sitting around the table, sharing their professional experiences and discussing and developing new ways to further improve the offered services for their clients and candidates alike,” observed Wolfgang Kasper, Board Member and CFO of IMSA.

Marianna Carbonari, Board Member of IMSA, gave us the insights on Practice Groups development:

“A structured report on IMSA’s Industrial and Consumer Practice was presented in Vienna. It was impressive to see how IMSA members share the same approach, customer orientation and best practices when they are working with different clients in very different markets.”

While focusing on improvement of internal processes, IMSA International Executive Search network continues also to expand into new territories. During the meeting two new members have been appointed:

  • IMSA Czech Republic (represented by Nováček & Partners)
  • IMSA Hungary (represented by Indra Consulting)

After accepting new countries into the network, IMSA currently constitutes of 23 members, with 37 offices worldwide.

While IMSA grows its reach to better serve its customers with both local and international projects, it does not plan to relax its high requirements for the candidate companies. IMSA is committed to finding members who adhere to highest quality standards when it comes to recruitment and executive search services. Candidates for new members are expected to share the same values and fit IMSA’s organizational culture. The companies that would like to join IMSA will be expected to actively participate in strengthening IMSA internationally and locally.

Current state of where IMSA is right now is best summarized by a statement from Monika Ciesielska, President of IMSA:

“IMSA is in the process of change, considering the goals which we have set and which are being fulfilled step by step. Our progress might be observed in the number of recently joined members. Nevertheless, one thing will never change about IMSA and it is the organization’s culture. Our culture is based on relations, which we are building not only during annual meetings, but on a daily basis.”

The meeting was concluded by a visit to “Spanish Riding School” where we had the chance to visit the stables and take a peek at riders and horses training.

IMSA members are already looking forward to the 2018 Fall Meeting, which is going to be held in Chile.