2017 Fall Conference in Casablanca, Morocco, October 25 – October 27

IMSA fall meeting took place at the Four Seasons Hotel in Casablanca, Morocco between 25th and 27th of October 2017.

The year 2017 is very important to IMSA Executive Search network as the decisions made during meetings held in 2017 will affect how the network will operate during the next three years. The participants met to discuss what the objectives will be, how key indicators of success will be defined and how the agreed upon strategy will be implemented by the members.

The Fall meeting saw a continuation of subjects covered during the Spring meeting. Participants agreed that the network will continue its expansion into new locations and the members will concentrate on increasing the business exchange in order to help local clients with their abroad assignments.

The meeting was initiated by the president of the board (Ms. Monika Ciesielska-Rutkowska), who outlined the idea and operational plan on how to approach further global expansion. What followed was a review of the state of current activities and future plans in the areas covering strengthening IMSA brand and the Practice Groups organisation within the network. Presentation on the latter subject was delivered by member of the board – Ms. Marianna Carbonari. The last panel of the day, led by Mr. Wolfgang Kasper (also member of the IMSA board and CFO), touched another important subject, which was a revision of the results of business exchange between members during last 6 months.

The consecutive day saw two presentations followed by discussion panels. The first one concentrated on IMSA’s financial situation and legal changes. Afterwards, the guest speaker invited by the hosting partner – Ms. Lamia Merzouki (Deputy General Manager at Casablanca Finance City Authority), discussed the specificities of making business in Morocco. Second part of the day was dedicated to integration and sightseeing. Among others, IMSA members visited The Hassan II Mosque and the Old Medina (Habous area).