2015 Fall Conference in Hong Kong, China, November 5 – November 6

MSA´s Fall Conference 2015 was held in Hong Kong, hosted by Barons & Company. Jerry Chang and his colleagues, had prepared an interesting program that gave the participants new insight into the Asian business environment, new ideas on how to do business and the possibility to network.

The meeting started in memory of the late Cedric Meister, who was IMSA´s president for many years, and who professionalised the organisation. Alice Bally – who replaced Cedric Meister on the Board – and Wolfgang Kasper shared their memories of Cedric Meister.

The Fall Conference concentrated on the topic of doing business in Asia, where IMSA has an ambition of broadening its network. There were presentations from potential new IMSA members from Korea and Indonesia. They introduced us to their respective countries, the business environment in general and their own companies.

Sara Ng and Ludovic Manzon from PUMA Asia Pacific presented their HR and business operations, and engaged the participants in interesting discussions about the strategic challenges facing companies operating in Asia.

The next IMSA Conference will held be in Berlin, in the spring of 2016.