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IMSA Mexico

Joseph Gamache is a Head Hunter and Executive Search Firm that uses a Scientific Model that helps organizations find and select talent that has a greater impact and level of commitment within the organization. As a consequence, their results are superior. The Methodology used by the firm increases the probability of success of a good hiring up to 80% vs. traditional models that only assure 38%.

Joseph Gamache also offer services such as Digital Attraction for Blue Collar Positions, Scientific AssessmentTalent Mapping, and other services that can be tailored to the needs of each of the clients.

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Armando Ajuria

Armando has 9 years in the Head Hunting and Executive Search Industry with over 200 placements. Currently serves as Managing Partner within Joseph Gamache, a firm THAT USES SCIENCE IN THE SELECTION and Head Hunting PROCESSES and where they increase the probability of success of a good selection of 80% vs 36% that currently exist in existing practices in the market.

He was responsible for the creation of the corporate area of an American Startup with a presence in Mexico and Brazil that uses SMS to recruit blue-collar positions. In this position, he developed the products to be commercialized, their position and value proposition in the market, and implement the company´s sales methodology.

His professional experience includes companies such as EF Education First Ciudad de México, where he served as Country Manager, being responsible for the areas of sales, marketing, and finance; At Mexico, he was Sales Director for 5 years being responsible for the creation and commercialization of highly innovative attraction strategies at the time; Among his functions was to develop strategies of “Recruitment Branding” or “Creation of the employer brand” for multinational organizations; as well as the attraction of passive candidates through social networks, adwords, online ads, etc. These strategies served as a spearhead for the division and expanded to countries such as Turkey, Poland, Russia, and Brazil mainly.

Psychology Degree with a Masters in Human Resources and courses in Finance.

Areas of Expertise: IT, Digital, Media, Communication, Industry, Hospitality, Automotive

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Joseph Gamache

Corporativo Antara 1 Piso 5, Antara Polanco
Ejercito Nacional 843-B
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