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IMSA Indonesia

CB Indonesia an Executive Search & Recruitment Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia. Previously, CB Indonesia was known as CB Consultant and with our strong foundation, we expand CB Indonesia becoming a bigger Firm. We have been working and assisting to global and local clients in providing talent sourcing, evaluation and assessing most talented employees and leaders. Our focus is to produce measurable results, quickly with quality, which result to Client satisfaction. We believe both our existing and new clients will trust us and will always consider CB Indonesia Consultancy as a trusted partner.

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Mirtjahyanto Adi Mitrono

Mirtjahjanto Adi Mitrono (Adi Mitrono) has a degree from the Australian Northern Territory University and Queensland University TAFE majoring in Business Administration and Marketing. Adi Mitrono is very experienced in a variety of working environments starting from a Manager Level to the highest level position. He is now a Founder of CB Indonesia who previously used to worked in some major Consultancy Firms has included a major recruitment firm. Specializing in: HR Implementation; Recruitment; HR System & Procedural; SOP – Standard Operation Procedure Implementation; Training & Development; Organizational Development; Compensation & Benefits System Procedures.

Areas of expertise: Hospitality, Banking & Investment; Legal Consultant; Hospital; Manufacturing; Educational Consultant; FMCG.

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