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IMSA France

Alchemy Search is a recruitment firm on a human scale founded in 2013. Our consultants are specialized in the automotive, energy, industry, distribution, construction suppliers, public agencies. We specialize in general management, sales, and marketing, engineering, and finance positions. Alchemy Search offers made to measure support, investing a considerable amount of time in listening to our clients and understanding their company’s strategy, culture, management style, and value chain. This immersion phase is essential to clearly define the company and the position’s distinctive features and to suggest recruitment that is in line with the client’s needs. We put the emphasis on “Matching talent”: ensuring the candidate will fit perfectly within the company and team he or she will be joining. In our eyes, it is essential to spend time working on this match and to evaluate it through a formal process. A potentially great candidate might be completely incompatible or at odds with an organization. Conversely, a good “match” between both parties will create substantial value.

The qualitative assessment of candidates is the cornerstone of our approach and is carried out by experienced specialists at all levels of our organization, from research associates to consultants.

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Hervé Gentile

Herve Gentile graduated from HEC (Executive MBA) and ISG and followed Organisational Psychology courses at the CNAM institute. Herve always believed that individuals play a crucial role in a company’s success. His long experience of recruitment has given him a shrewd and balanced judgment of men’s and women’s potential within organizations. With this belief and these skills, and after 20 years of experience in general management, commercial, and marketing functions in global organizations of the automotive, energy, and retail sectors, Hervé created Alchemy Search in 2013.

Specialties: Mobility, construction suppliers and distribution / General management, sales, and corporate finance functions.

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