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IMSA Brazil

Built by partners with extensive experience leading projects within Latin America, Boutique’s flexible and custom made process provides senior advising and support all the way through. We devote time and effort to fully understand our clients market and needs. This is an advantage granted by the boutique concept itself an exclusive and highly qualified service or product. By knowing your organization’s strength and uniqueness, as well as its challenges, we are ready to find the exact person to maximize results and positively change the future of your business. We know our business can have a deep impact on both people and companies. That’s why we invest in transparent and respectful relationships. With precise mapping and assessments, we provide a reliable decision making process in any business environment.

São Paulo

Av. Chedid Jafet, 222 – D Tower – 5th Floor
Vila Olímpia – São Paulo – SP
CEP: 04551-065

Rio de Janeiro

Rua Visconde de Pirajá 433, 8th floor
Rio de Janeiro – RJ
CEP: 22410 – 002

IMSA Contact Person


Felippe Lara

Prior to becoming an executive search professional, Felippe held leadership roles within the human resources structures of global organizations such as Praxair (Linde) and Chevron.
Since 2007 in the executive search industry, he led the start-up Page Executive’s office in Rio de Janeiro where he held a regional role as the lead for mining, infrastructure, chemicals and other capital-intensive industries. Later, he supported the start-up of Flow where he led the Rio de Janeiro office.

Lara is one of the founding partners of Boutique and since 2014 has been focusing on searches for local and global companies in healthcare, capital intensive industries and private equity invested companies. Felippe is accountable for the São Paulo’s office and is also a member of the firm’s Board Practice and specializes in leadership development and succession planning, focusing on Brazilian companies.

Felippe earned a business management degree from the Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro.

Contact details

Boutique Executive Search

Av. Chedid Jafet, 222 – D Tower – 5th Floor
Vila Olímpia
04551-065 São Paulo