Technology Giant Chooses IMSA India to Appoint Vice President for Artificial Intelligence Practice

IMSA India is represented by TalentAhead India Pvt. Ltd.

The Challenge

Our client is a global technology consulting firm, a Fortune Global 500 company. They are a truly transnational firm with presence in over 100 countries with employee strength of around 300,000 out of which one third are based in India.

Our client was keen on establishing their Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Practice.  Trusted Partner – IMSA India, represented by TalentAhead, was requested to appoint a senior technologist. The incumbent is expected to build the AI/ML Capabilities for Financial Services Sector. He/she will work with industry leading clients in creating business value through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

The desired candidate is expected to be PhD or equivalent degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or related Quantitative or Technical field with 15+ years of industry experience including 5+ years of hands-on AI or ML system development experience on real-world financial sector problems.

CASE STUDY – main facts

Customer details
Customer: Fortune Global 500 company
Location: India
Industry: IT / Technology solutions for Financial Sector
Key Points

  • Customer was looking for a Leader for its newly created Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Practice
  • Customer’s expectations towards perfect hire were very high, which limited the number of potentially fitting candidates
  • IMSA India prepared a list of relevant technologists through mapping, networking, cold calling, social search
  • From the short-list presented by IMSA India a candidate (PhD in Statistics) was selected and currently leads the AI / ML Practice

Why IMSA India

Members of the IMSA International Executive Search partner network are all boutique search firms. We provide our customers with an international level of executive search services with access to a broad network of potential candidates.

IMSA India has the expertise built over 18 years in technology search projects. IMSA India has a dedicated NewAge Technology Practice and received many recognitions and award from leading Tech MNCs.

What we did

As a first step IMSA India identified top 10 target companies which included the Technology Consulting as well as Technology Product players. We also found out the leading AI platforms being used or being experimented by the leading financial sector companies. This was appreciated by the client as this allowed them to search from a larger and relevant talent pool. As a next step we prepared a long-list of relevant technologist through mapping, networking, cold calling, social search etc. This extensive market mapping helped us to focus our efforts.

We then carried out interviews and assessed them. We thus arrived at a short-list of 4 candidates which were presented to the client. We also helped our client in making the final selection and offer negotiations.

The impact/ results

The selected candidate, a Ph.D. in Statistics with thought leadership in providing AI/ML solutions in the financial service sector.  The candidate is playing an important role in steering the practice.