IMSA Netherlands, IMSA Belgium and IMSA Switzerland Help Elpro-Buchs AG Build Leadership Team in the Benelux Region

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The Challenge

Elpro-Buchs AG needed to expand its footprint in the Benelux region, moving from a one-person sales operation to a full-fledged subsidiary. The Swiss-based SME, a market leader in temperature monitoring equipment, data loggers and related software for the pharmaceutical, life-science and bio-chemical industries, was founded in 1986 and has been growing steadily.

The company, which employs about 200 people and has subsidiaries in the UK, the US, Germany, Denmark and Singapore, was aiming to boost sales growth in the region. In the Benelux region, it already counts most of the major international companies in its target industries as customers.

Cultural and legal differences between Switzerland and the Benelux markets required close coordination to tailor the recruitment process and ensure alignment of expectations among all parties.

CASE STUDY – main facts

Customer details
Customer:  Elpro-Buchs AG
Location:  Benelux, Netherlands
Position: Benelux Managing Director
Industry:  Scientific equipment
Key Points

  • Client needed to expand from a one-person sales office and turned to IMSA, with whom it had an established relationship
  • IMSA Netherlands was able to provide close international cooperation to address cultural and legal differences
  • After completing the first assignment, IMSA Netherlands & IMSA Belgium helped build out the rest of the team, which has delivered fast sales growth and higher customer satisfaction


Fot. Christoph Schöch

Why IMSA Netherlands

IMSA Netherlands was selected for the assignment thanks to its relationship via the IMSA network with Swiss partner IMSA Switzerland, which has been working with Elpro for many years.

Members of the IMSA International Executive Search network are all boutique search firms. IMSA partners provide their customers with an international level of executive search services with access to a broad network of potential candidates.

What we did

IMSA Netherlands worked closely with the hiring manager at Elpro and the IMSA Switzerland consultant. IMSA’s excellent relationship allowed to work together to fine-tune the position profile and the candidate profile. Total time spent between the initial assignment and the hiring of the candidate was about three months.

IMSA Netherlands quickly determined that the MD position required a non-advertised executive search methodology. The long list of candidates was a combination of IMSA’s indigenous database and an in-depth market survey. Interviews of long-list candidates provided the short list, from which three candidates where introduced to Elpro. The first interviews were conducted in the Netherlands, after which the selected candidate was brought to the client’s HQ in Switzerland for further interviewing.

The selected candidate was already in IMSA Netherlands’ database, as he was identified in the past as having high potential. He is a young professional, with a bachelor’s degree in applied physics and a steadily advancing career path, predominantly in sales, with a longer track record at a multinational company, where he most recently had headed up integration of an acquisition.

The assignment also required additional consultancy to draft an employment contract according to Dutch law, in close cooperation with the Swiss HR department.

The impact

Following the successful placement of the MD, IMSA Netherlands received and executed further assignments, finding an account manager, a service manager and an office manager. A 2nd account manager for the Belgian market was needed for which IMSA Belgium was assigned to do the search. The basic team for Elpro Benelux recruited by IMSA Netherlands & IMSA Belgium is now in place, and is showing good results in rapid sales growth and increased customer satisfaction in its territory.

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