IMSA Italy supports Brandon Group in the appointment of CEO

How to triumph in the war OF, and the war FOR Executive talents? IMSA Italy has recently conducted a CEO Market Mapping to identify a pool of suitable candidates for Brandon Group, e-Commerce digital player based in Milan.

IMSA Italy is represented by “Value for Talent”. The author of the following article is Marianna Carbonari, CEO of Value For Talent and IMSA Search Board Member.

Brandon Group is an Italian company dedicated entirely to the development of on-line sales in the fashion, sport, home & living, and beauty sectors. The services provided by Brandon to companies encompass the entire management process of pre and post on-line retail, thanks to the use of intelligent software and strategic analyses of data generated through on-line sales and web-based traffic. The company, through its platform, enables digital retailers to get access to products from various brands whilst brands get the opportunity to distribute their products in the global market and reach digital retailers. It serves digital retailers in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the US.

After the mapping candidates with the following characteristics were sought:

  • International track record
  • General management background
  • Solid knowledge of the Digital industries
  • Strong track-record in developing strategic partnership
  • Excellent financial and reporting skills

How to find the perfect candidate during the intense “war of talents”?

Finding a perfect candidate is a challenge, especially when recruiter needs to struggle with highly competitive environment of the digital ecosystem and the vicious “war of talents” at Executive level. Brandon Group asked IMSA Italy to perform an Executive market mapping in order to identify the new Chief Executive Officer.

“The greatest challenge in this project was finding a candidate with the right balance of solid international managerial competences and the right attitude to join a fast-growing digital business,”

– said Marianna Carbonari CEO of Value for Talent and Board Member of IMSA Search Global Partners.   

Why IMSA Italy?

Members of IMSA Search Global Partners are all boutique retained search firms. They provide their customers with global executive search services, offering access to a broad network of potential candidates. The search process conducted by IMSA Search is structured and qualified – typical of large-scale executive search firms. Thanks to lean approach to management and flexible organisational structure, IMSA Search partners offer much better responsiveness than large corporates.

IMSA Italy expert knowledge of Italian market and its proven track record of working with private equity and venture capital funds in the Digital and ICT industry, proved valuable in the successful completion of the project.

How to effectively perform an Executive market mapping?

According to customer’s needs IMSA Italy experts performed an Executive market mapping paying attention to specific knowledge of Digital business and strategic partnership. A study of various market conditions allowed IMSA Italy experts to understand and interpret the spread of talent across the Italian market. It also let IMSA Italy experts identify trends and create ideas of the level of skilled and talented competitors.

“This is the best approach for customers who are facing rapid growth in a new market, as it allows them to gain a better understanding of the industry, enabling assessment of the available talent pool equipped with specific technical and managerial competences. Furthermore, this type of market research is best suited when the whole process needs to be kept confidential. Market mapping provides valuable insights and can be followed up with a full executive search.”  

– Marianna Carbonari of IMSA Italy explains.

Paola Marzario, Founder and President of the Brandon Group (left) and Ilaria Tiezzi, Brandon Group’s new CEO (right)
Paola Marzario, Founder and President of the Brandon Group (left) and Ilaria Tiezzi, Brandon Group’s new CEO (right)

What were the results of IMSA Italy’s work?

As a result of the market mapping and further Executive Assessment, Ilaria Tiezzi was chosen as Chief Executive Officer.

Ms. Tiezzi graduated cum laude from Bocconi University, gained solid experience in Media & Telecommunications in the Boston Consulting Group and as Strategy Manager for Sky.

Since 2015 she has advised the V-Nova start up in London supporting its strategic and organizational, which led to opening a new V-Nova branch in India where important partnerships were established with the main international TLC companies.

Ilaria Tiezzi’s international profile, consolidated experience and competence in the digital economy and a very sound track record when developing strategic projects and partnerships, make her a perfect candidate for the position in Brandon Group. “I am honoured that yet another female figure will lead Brandon along the path of its economic and international growth,” said Paola Marzario, Founder and President of the Brandon Group.

What did the client say about IMSA Italy experts’ work?

The most important thing a Head Hunter should do is to understand client’s needs and support him/her in the demanding process of searching for a perfect candidate, who will deal with everyday challenges and boost the growth of the company. IMSA Search Global Partners are always ready to serve clients with their unique knowledge and experience.

This kind of attitude results in clients’ positive opinion about IMSA Search: “In a very important phase for Brandon, with a triple digit net growth, which needs to be consolidated and stabilized and a 3-million-euro investment round recently concluded, the selection of a new CEO was not an easy task. IMSA Italy and its CEO Marianna Carbonari were a very reliable and fundamental partner in our selection of Ilaria Tiezzi, Brandon Group’s new CEO.”  said Paola Marzario, Founder and President of the Brandon Group.

Marianna Carbonari, IMSA Italy.