Getting in Front of Emerging Business Technology Trends

Today, it is virtually impossible to overemphasize the impact technology has on the way we do business. Even the most tradition-bound, low-tech organizations are influenced by developments out of Silicon Valley. And the world of recruiting is no exception. Some of the most important new recruiting trends reflect what’s happening in the realm of business technology.

At IMSA, we believe it is important to stay ahead of these developments to identify the best professional executives—nationally and internationally—to enable your business to reach its strategic and operational targets.

Here are three key technology trends that will impact businesses and recruiters.

The Rise of Talent Analytics

The use of data analysis to identify the most talented job candidates is one of the most important recruiting trends of the next few years. Slowly, but surely, HR departments are prioritizing the use of data-enriched intelligence to make hiring instead of relying on instinct and personal impressions.

An analytical approach has two benefits: First, it helps companies make more informed decisions, which will ultimately create a competitive advantage in terms of talent acquisition and retention. Second, it helps provide a more equal playing field for candidates, as data analysis replaces less objective methods for hiring personnel.

Look for this trend to continue, as more companies hire full-time analysts to create proprietary metrics to identify and evaluate the most talented candidates.

Technology Consolidation

The drive to provide core features such as video interviewing, applicant tracking and personnel management on a single, integrated one-stop platform continues. Although the current market offers useful solutions from a variety of vendors, no platform seamlessly merges recruiting functions with standard Human Resource Information System capabilities.

Expect that to change, however, as momentum toward HR technology consolidation continues to build. Having all of these critical functions within a single platform remains a core objective for the HR technology industry.

The Importance of Security

With security breaches hitting record levels, the need for companies to scrupulously protect their data is more acute. HR departments have a key role to play since they must ensure employees are well-trained in security protocols. With the proliferation of social media platforms and that so much business nowadays is conducted via mobile devices, the chances of inadvertently creating a security risk are elevated. Yet by partnering closely with their IT department, HR staff can provide the education and training necessary to minimize the potential for any costly breach.

IMSA: A Step Ahead

At IMSA, staying ahead of the most influential recruiting trends is just one reason why we have been so successful connecting the world’s most talented workers with the best companies. As new technologies emerge, we will continue to strategically help organizations navigate through these challenges.