TechnologyTechnology is an intricate aspect of our day-to-day activities, and has become one of the primary means that people use to improve their lives and lifestyles. We are surrounded by technological innovations that have become virtually irreplaceable.

From mobile phones to internet; calculators to computers; rockets and satellites to global positioning systems; electronic appliances to music and entertainment gadgets; to health lifesavers, the industries developing "tech" are necessarily some of the most dynamic.

Technology is unquestionably present in all phases of an organization's overall development. From cradle to grave, it is employed in research, product design and development, improvement and automation of manufacturing processes (CAD, CAM) and in enhancing management processes through tools such as Business Intelligence/ Data Warehousing, ERP and CRM. It is by default employed across all industries and functions. Similarly, a need for technological best practices has arisen in government with the inclusion of new regulations and policies.

Advancements in technology such as embedded software, availability and use of wireless networking, collaboration tools, digital video, handheld devices, and videoconferencing pave the way towards global technology integration.

With the ever-changing demands and choices of the new generation consumers, a promising future of information technology is forecasted in cloud computing, mobile computing, social computing and Data-video-voice convergence. It has been reported that this will continue to explode in the next few years and will become more mainstream as more businesses embrace it for branding and advertising. Businesses are becoming virtual day-by-day; positioning themselves globally and identifying methods and products to support their growth. To achieve sky-rocketing growth plans, technological approaches are the most viable solution, whether for financial, healthcare, manufacturing or any flourishing industry.

There is a requirement for highly skilled, efficient and adaptable resources to work cross-border. However the diversity of political systems, varied culture and economic development from country to country pose a challenge. Global companies as well as new entrants who are entering into this market will have to analyze and create a deep understanding of the local conditions, to assess the availability of talent pool and the most viable approach to brand themselves and attract the right skill set of people.

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