IMSA Search Global Partners introduces Peter Fischer as its new CFO

Peter Fischer from Austria took over the Chief Financial Officer chair of the IMSA Search Global Partners. With the Board’s support, he is going to supervise IMSA Search financial operations.

Peter Fischer has been a member of the IMSA Search Global Partners since 2017. The new CFO also runs Consent, Vienna-based HR Consulting firm with its roots dating back to 1974. He is an MBA graduate of the University of Warwick (United Kingdom). Peter’s main areas of expertise are Technology, Financial Services and Corporate Management. In each of these fields, he has a broad experience, confirmed by years of work and a few dozen successfully delivered projects and implemented solutions.

Speed up the process, maintaining the quality

Peter Fischer believes that nowadays, speed is everything in clients life. Because of that, executive search should reach for new technological solutions, which allow shortening the processing time without losing the quality, efficiency or transparency.

“I am honoured that our president, Mrs Monika Ciesielska, has asked me to serve our organization and support IMSA Search as the new CFO. I see a huge opportunity to introduce IMSA Search into new markets, expanding its client base. This the goal we hope to reach in the near future.“ says Peter Fischer, the new CFO of IMSA Search Global Partners.

Appointing the new CFO allows IMSA Search to keep their finances in a good shape. IMSA Search Global Partners network operates from 50 offices, located on five continents now. The company’s mission is to provide its clients with boutique-class, top quality executive search services. With almost thirty years of experience and over 250 skilled recruitment consultants on board, IMSA Search is one of the fastest growing executive search companies in the world. This year for the first time it found its name among the Global 30 – “global talent providers that now dominate the recruiting business worldwide” – a prestigious ranking by the Hunt Scanlon.

To provide clients with the best solutions possible

The former chief financial officer Wolfgang Kasper informed about ending his long and fruitful journey within the organization during IMSA Spring Meeting at Garda Lake in Italy. It was a significant moment in the history of the company. Wolfgang was a part of the network for more than a decade. He was a builder, advisor and a very dedicated member of the alliance.

Other Partners always appreciated his unique knowledge and experience. He created projects and solutions, which are going to be beneficial for the present and next generations of IMSA Search Consultants. Wolfgang was pronounced a Honorary Member of the IMSA Search and is welcome to join IMSA meetings as company friend and companion.

“I would like to thank you all for the trust and cooperation over these past ten years. I am confident that you will extend this attitude to the new CFO as well. I am sure that you have put IMSA finances in trustworthy, qualified hands,”said Wolfgang Kasper during his announcement.

The Spring IMSA Search Meeting took place on 27th – 29th of March among the beautiful landscapes of Italian Garda Lake with its crystal water surrounded by the spectacular hillsides, slopes and olive groves, IMSA Search members were discussing the best recruitment practices and business strategies which allow IMSA Search to serve their clients in an even more effective way.