RetailGenerating demand and fulfilling the customer's requests is the focus of commercial retail enterprises. Although it sounds easy this implies complex activities. Whenever a company starts a promotion campaign in retail, retrieval and supply of the product has to be guaranteed. To become tomorrow's top commercial enterprise the key factors are an excellent marketing and customer service as well as optimized supply chain activities.

Within supply chain the question of having the right staff becomes more and more an issue. A lot of things happen based on assumptions instead of facts. Retailer notice that adequate skills for analysis based on facts are hardly available.

The main topic in uncertain times is cost management, from purchase to shipping. It is all about building an efficient course of action and accomplishing a high degree of transparency.

Retailers are forced to carefully examine their supply chain operation and also to determine where cost cutting contributes to added value. Unfortunately it is rather hard to find adequate associates who are able to manage these challenges successfully.

IMSA has long lasting experiences in terms of searching for talented executives and associates in the supply chain area like e.g. purchase, logistics, administration, accounting, IT, inventory management, human resources, marketing, category management, outlet management, expansion etc.