There are clear signs for some optimism in the FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) market, given the current economic crisis. Although the worst is over, households still cut back some spending. In addition, the consumer's behaviour is dramatically changing, to consume in a much more selective way. Companies are aware they have to shift paradigms and become adapted to this new situation if they wish to survive and grow.

These important changes to the consumer's behaviour make evident that the FMCG market, for the next few years, will have nothing or little in common with the current or past markets. The most successful companies will find the means to communicate in a new way with consumers. This is vital. Some companies have seen how changing consumer patterns are already leaving traditional retail models obsolete. Consumers now have more information (online overflow), they are more value-driven (lifestyle, quality of life), more selective and they are 'mobile'.

In this sense, for example, the demand for health & wellness food and drink products (the so called functional or nutraceutical products) is rising. Consumers are becoming more and more conscious of what healthy benefits may be gained from what they eat and drink.

All this means that companies will have to adapt to this new scenario. Manufacturers have started launching new categories of innovative, functional products which may give an additional perceived value to the consumer and boost both sales and margins, which is a key point given the unstoppable and rising advance of the Private Label.

This new competitive situation requires directors and middle management to maintain a clear focus on these new markets, to know how to develop new promotional and selling channels; and they must be enthusiastic and be expert on building high performance teams. Our goal is to find those individuals for you.

IMSA has carried out assignments covering several managerial positions in the FMCG sector with great success through our direct search approach, benefiting from our consultants' expertise, market knowledge and ability to get to the who's who in this market.

IMSA offers expert advice and efficient solutions in most Consumer Goods fields including Food, Non-food and Cosmetics. The sector offers deep challenges right now. We also take the challenge to seek for you the most dynamic, results-driven directors capable of coping with this new competitive but exciting environment.