When it comes to putting the latest scientific and research findings to cost-efficient use in highly complex products produced in large volumes while maintaining very high quality levels, the automotive industry has always been a step ahead. Through its consulting services, IMSA has been helping Automotive OEM and Supplier clients for decades to acquire highly skilled specialists and outstanding managers to ensure ever better cars can be manufactured and services offered.

The past decade has been shaped by the development of even more economical vehicle drives, the introduction of a large degree of electrics into the vehicle to increase both driving safety as well as comfort, and an intensive changeover to lean management methods to secure international competitiveness. Sophisticated logistics processes have been developed within the framework of supply chain management in order to be able to meet customer demands for ever greater vehicle configuration individuality through the increased flexibility of the entire value added chain. Parallel to this, green technologies have been the subject of intense attention for some years, including powertrain drive conversion from combustion to electric engines, and the intermediate hybrid drive step. Entirely new skills previously completely unknown in the automotive industry have had to be developed quickly.

Nowadays, the focus is on developing electric engines which satisfy the performance and quality claims of the automotive industry, developing extremely high-performance lightweight batteries with innovative charging and cooling concepts, and ensuring control of the complex interplay of batteries for electric engines and existing (but increasingly smaller dimensioned) combustion engines through corresponding power electronics. In addition to this, logistical supply concepts have to be developed and realised in cooperation with companies in completely other disciplines in order to offer drivers a comprehensive network of garages for recharging electric cars and other new services.

The automotive industry continues to be a melting pot of established and completely new technologies. One of the essential capabilities lies in merging all kinds of different disciplines with the greatest efficiency and extreme focus in order to offer its customers the greatest possible individual mobility.

IMSA has made a deliberate decision to collaborate intensively with clients in almost all industrial sectors and can therefore boast the skills and excellent personnel network of top-class managers and workers with great potential which are essential to continuing to provide the automotive industry with those specialists and top-quality managers that are vital to overcoming the challenges of the future.