Aerospace and Aviation

Aerospace and AviationThere are surely few industries that can claim to have become global before Aerospace!

The Aerospace and Aviation industry makes a massive contribution to enabling leisure, travel and trade to be possible worldwide. It also plays a key role in providing the means for protection and security of those freedoms we can so easily take for granted.

The imperative to produce cleaner, quieter, lighter, 'greener' aircraft has led to ever advancing engine technology, greater electrical and software systems, and structural innovation in lightweight composites. The changing global security need is also leading to new technologies and complex, integrated, command and communication systems to counter new threats.

Aerospace programmes rely on highly skilled professionals across their entire life cycle - from Research, Technology and Development stages, through high-value Manufacturing, to whole life Service and Support. The industry is truly worldwide with capability in South America and Asia now alongside the major centres in North America and Europe. It features the complexity of organising design, manufacture, supply chains and assembly across countries and continents, reflecting offset agreements as well as established centres of expertise. Safety remains the key touchstone of an industry that knows 'there are no car parks in the sky'. Rigorous quality and reliability procedures are deployed with full traceability across supply chains.

Aviation also continues to rapidly evolve, taking advantage of global product service solutions ('power by the hour'); an ever more technical Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) industry; and innovating through commercial IT systems. Infrastructure investment by itself is a key driver for the construction industry. The challenges of creating the best economic models for service, whilst achieving long term profitability, and the likely further rationalisation of airlines, are all major issues

A global industry requires global thinking on recruitment solutions. IMSA brings decades of understanding and the expertise to identify the key players across national boundaries.